Assembly Service How it works (4 steps)

3 flexible options:


PCBWay supply parts

Kitted or Consigned

Customer supply parts


You supply some parts we do the rest

Board type :tip help

We suggest choose to do panel if single PCB qty is more than 20pcs or any side of single board is smaller than 50mm.

* Quantity:tip help

Please fill in total quantity of single PCBs.

* Pay attention:

Contains Sensitive components/parts
Do you accept alternatives/substitutes made in China?

Select PCBWay's
PCB Order# Layers pcb help

No Yes What is PCBWay’s PCB Order Number?
Other parameters (Fill in to get the exact price, or leave it blank to wait for final quote.) Hide

They can be left blank if you're not sure about the number of Unique Parts, SMT Parts, BGA/QFP Parts or THT parts.

Number of
Unique Parts:tip help


Number of
SMD Parts:tip help

SMT Pads

Number of
BGA/QFP Parts:tip help


Number of
Parts:tip help

Thru Holes Thru Holes
Additional Options More

Detailed information
of assembly:

Price does not include PCB fabrication or the cost of components, exact quotation will be updated after all the files you uploaded pass review or contact for help.
Need a quick and accurante quote? Need an efficient production? Please read SMT Ordering Necessary Files & Info in 1 minute. Thank you very much!

Ship to
Shipping method Costs Delivery Time
Set the required parameters
1. Select the mode of supplying components (Turnkey / Kitted or Consigned / Combo), Board type and Assembly Side(s)
2. Please fill in total quantity of single PCBs.
3. Choose whether sensitive components are included and whether alternatives made in China are acceptable.
Select Additional Options
1. You can click Additional Options to get more customization, eg: Depanel the boards to delivery, Conformal coating, Firmware loading, Cable Wire Harness Assembly, etc.
2. Fill in the detailed technical information and other requirements of the PCB assembly, etc.
Associate the PCB order
1. Fill out the PCB parameters or order number to associate a PCB with the assembly order.
2. After you have determined all the parameters, click the "Calculate" button to get the quotation.
Select the lead time of the order
1. If you have requirements for lead time, you can choose expedited or other options in the pricing interface on the right.
2. Confirm the lead time, click the "Save to Cart" below, and the order will be successfully added to the shopping cart.
3. Gerber files, Parts List (BOM), Centroid file and other files, need be uploaded on the shopping cart page.
4. Wait for the final quotation after we review the order.